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The 'Whiplash' Parodies Come Rushing Out

The 'Whiplash' Parodies Come Rushing Out

Birdman was the go-to movie to spoof this past awards weekend (see both the Spirit Awards and Oscars), but Whiplash, the indie hit that won J.K. Simmons a Best Supporting Academy Award, is the go-to movie to spoof this month. There’s just something about getting screamed at about “rushing or dragging” the tempo by a bald man that makes for sublime satire. Here are five good ones we’ve seen in the last few weeks alone… and there’ll probably be plenty more to come.



What is it about directors? I had a band director that would throw chairs over our heads. Crazy. Yet, he was never called on it, we were terrified, and he basically got away with abusive behavior. Seems it still does.


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