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Sherlock pictures: Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman film in Gloucester

Sherlock stars have previously vented their frustration at the Setlock trend

Shooting a Christmas release of the series take place in England currently, the journalists took a few pictures of it. All the actors are dressed in costumes of the era of Conan Doyle and Dr. Watson even have a mustache.



YES! Can't wait! The time travel episode sounds intriguing. But then we would say that wouldn't we?


David Payne

It does look like Sonia lol that is what I thought.

Fantastic series. Shame about the American one. Elementary I think it's called. Absolutely rubbish.


Just Me

So many actors over the years have played Sherlock and I have watched them all but Benedict has played this character the best. Can't wait for this series to come out.




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